Sunday, June 24, 2007

We Have A Prosper Down

I went over to Prosper to see if some loans have finally gone through and funded and saw the following message:

Prosper Under Maintenance

We are currently working on a system failure as of 2:20:00 PM Pacific, June 24, 2007. We are working to bring the system back online as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards, Prosper

Wonder what's going on...

Update: Possibly some snags in yesterday's big update.

We are going to be taking the site off-line between 12:00 AM Saturday and 12:00 PM Saturday (Pacific time) on June 23 for maintenance.

We will be doing a big migration and upgrade of our infrastructure, and unfortunately, it is going to require 12 hours of downtime. During this maintenance window, we will be making significant upgrades to our network infrastructure in order to support continued growth of the community.

Update 2: From the Prosper forums

The site is back on-line as of about 9 PM last night (Sunday). We are pretty sure that the culprit was a faulty hardware component which has now been replaced. We've been monitoring the site since the new component went in, and so far things seem to be back to normal.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience during yesterday's outage. Everything should be back to normal at this point.

Update 3 (7/3/07): Tom over at Prosper Lending Review notes that they still havn't gotten everything straightened out.

As of 12:12AM (PST) Prosper's website is down for maintenance. Prosper has had several outages over the past two weeks. Some of these were scheduled outages; other were not planned. I don't recall seeing a message about this outage so I'm guessing that it was not planned.

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Tom said...

There was another short outage tonight.