Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Prosper Interfering With Presidential Politics

After extensive investigation, Prosperous Land can now report that Prosper is attempting to manipulate the 2008 election process. Based in liberal San Francisco and quietly supported by Nancy Pelosi herself, Prosper has employees with well known ties to the Democratic establishment, especially among the executives. Prosper is intentionally holding back on raising the lending limits and improving collections in Red leaning states to drive them further into economic recession, a condition that favors Democratic candidates in this election cycle. George Soros, one of Prosper's venture capital partners via one of his shell companies, is coordinating the effort.

Prosper did not respond to our inquiries for this story.

Update: Oh, sure, Prosper rolls out predictive bidding to steal my thunder. Don't be distracted. The conspiracy is real!

Update 2: Prosper has finally responded to my request for comment:

Nancy Pelosi? Can't say that we've heard of her. Same thing with that George guy. Chris Larsen's donations were a passing fad of an early, more simple time (you know, back before lender bidding guidance) and really have no relevance to the day to day operation of Prosper. We'd love to send a few of folks to stop by your home and talk to you about this, to avoid any confusion. They'll be arriving shortly. Don't worry, we have your address on file.


Anonymous said...

This just shows how the garnering of the 2007 "Best use of a corporate blog" award has emboldened Prosper to go after bigger things. ;)



Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. The red states really needed to be set straight.