Monday, March 31, 2008

Prosper At Finovate 2008

It looks like Prosper will once again be at Finnovate this year, amongst 40 young and upcoming financial startups:

Already 40 leading startups have committed to demoing their products (no PowerPoint allowed) including: Andera, Aradiom, Authentium, Boulevard R., Buxfer, Cake Financial, CAPS, ClairMail, Credit Karma, Diversinet, Expensr, First ROI, FindABetterBank, Guard ID, Guardian Analytics, IP Commerce, Jwaala, Lending Club, Loanio, Mint, Prosper, SmartyPig, SmartHippo, Simple Tuition, SocialPicks, TradeKing, TrustedID, Tyfone, Unified Money, VaultStreet, Vestopia, Vidoop, Wesabe, Wonga, WorkLight, Zecco and 4 more still in stealth.

This could be most interesting since Loanio is on the list. They've a supposed-P2P lender that has been running ads all over the web for the last year. They have yet to put up any substance, earning them the vaporware entry of the year.

And, I say to you Prosper, please have your media strategy determined before hand. We'll find out about the features that you'll be showing this year, like we did last year. Please, on please, talk about the features and don't go all cathedral on us by hiding the proposed features. Think of us lenders as partners here, after all, and we'd like to see where things are going too.


Tom said...

I'm looking forward to the conference and plan on attending.

Mike said...

Lucky duck. There are downsides to living in Texas (as in no conferences happen anywhere near here).