Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Post-Prosper Days Interview In WSJ

This is the first post-Prosper Days interview I've seen with Chris Larsen (which is not to say that there havn't been others, just that I havn't seen them). He's picking up several themes that were rolled out at Prosper days and taking them around. This includes benevolent greed:

The Wall Street Journal: How would you describe your business?

Chris Larsen:
An eBay for money and credit. Borrowers can make listings and any American with $50 or more are free to bid. It's combining community banking with the high finance of Wall Street -- bringing together George Bailey with a little Gordon Gekko.

And stricter enforcement on fraud (ahem):

WSJ: What steps has Prosper taken to address concerns about fraud or identity theft?

Mr. Larsen:
We have a 100% fraud ID theft guarantee. If there's a fraudulent borrower who gets through our screens, we'll buy that loan back. Beyond that, we're also very aggressively prosecuting people and we did have our first conviction.

They're good themes for talking to the press, so expect to hear more of them in the future.


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