Thursday, March 27, 2008

What A Difference A Month Makes

February was not Prosper's best month, with hitting a low for loan dollars originated. This shortfall was easily anticipated by the lower number of active listings (~1700) Prosper had during mid February. A fair amount of favorable press and Prosper Days appears to have jump started their originations. Prosper has about 2500 active listings as of this moment (9:01 am CST - your mileage may vary) and is on track for another $7.1M month. In other words, they were successful at hitting a critical March milestone of attracting more borrowers. Prosper has a large uptick in active borrowers, approaching almost 7k this month thus far compared to 6.3k in February.

I did a quick survey of the portfolio plan criteria, and it appears that lenders are still pouring more money into the portfolio plans than there are borrowers to fund. There aren't any loans inside the portfolio slices that I checked that aren't fully funded and at the minimum portfolio bid. It's a good place for Prosper to be operating. Now, if AmSher could pull up those collections statistics...

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