Monday, February 11, 2008

$7.2M In January Prosper Loans, But How About February

As was foreshadowed, Prosper succeeded in passing $7M by booking $7.18M in loans in January. This is good news for Prosper, but there are shadows on the horizon. Lending Stat's most recent monthly estimate for February is a meager $5.25M. This number has been growing throughout February, so I suspect that Prosper succeeded in pulling a few loans into January that may have otherwise cleared around February 1 (this would dampen February's early loan totals).

Prosper's prospects for the month then depend on keeping that listing volume up and getting loans funded. There may be challenges there as Bamalucky has observed:

Can anyone remember the last time there were only 1763 listings on prosper? Tons of loans are 100% funded & being bid down.

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