Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vicarious Live-Blogging: Prosper Days

Since I'm not actually at Prosper days, I have to vicariously live-blog from home. Consider this a Prosper Days linkfest. If you're looking for staying up on what's happening, try IRC. I'll post more as the reports roll in (right after the late night party crowd reconnects with their laptops). On to day 1.

Prospers.org: "Live reporting from PD in IRC" thread.

Prosper Lending Review: "Keynote from CEO Chris Larsen"

Prosper Lending Review: "Prosper Days '08 kicks off"

Prosper Marketplace Monitor: "Prosper didn't catch fraudster using its services, but CEO takes credit for conviction"

bamalucky: "The last Prosper Days?"

Update 2:
Lazy Man & Money: "Prosper Days (Day 1 Overview)"

Update: It seems that several people are disappointed that Doug Fuller won't make an appearance at the 10:30 Collections session today. He presented after all (some kind of scheduling snafu). The live-chat makes it sound like one of the most substantial presentations thus far.

Old schedule:

New schedule:

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