Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Junk Mail Seller Revisited

Jeff at My Microfinance had previous claimed that Prosper was selling his address to junk mail groups. Even though there was reason to question the accuracy of his claim, he ranted and raved with the best of them.

Since these claims, Jeff posted that he was lending on Prosper again with this cryptic reply: has rectified the issue with me in private. Plain and simple… confused yet? I’m not going to bust out the 4th grade attitude and tell you that I know something you don’t know, but something is happening inside the ‘blue stonewall’ that may change some opinions after Prosper Days, even those of it’s harshest critics. Mine just happens to have changed early and perhaps for the better.”

He then proceeded to scrub his entire blog's history, removing all incidents of his ranting and raving (except for that darn Google cache), and proceeded into a happy land. Jeff jumped up and screamed that the sky was falling then claimed he was OK now. If information was sold or otherwise leaked out of Prosper, it's interesting. If Jeff jumped the gun and cried wolf, he should apologize. Instead he scrubbed his entire blog's history, removing all incidents of his ranting and raving (except for that darn Google cache), and proceeded into a happy land. This is very bad form, so Jeff gets a wag of the finger.


Jeff said...

It's called privacy/personal choice (agreement perhaps as part of a truce?) and as of this evening I have CLOSED the blog permanently as I have yet to receive an apology from bamalucky who viscously attacked my character in comments (which I have saved, posts are hidden). So, before you go writing about people (me), why don't EMAIL me and get the facts first. I DO have an answer on the whole junk-mail thing, however, until bamalucky writes me an apology, you can stay in the dark with everyone else. It's a lot better if we can all play nice with each other. Until such time, I'm under the radar.


Mike said...

I'm sorry he was, well, bama, but that doesn't excuse you for not owning up to your visceral and rant-like missives about Prosper selling your personal information. Such behavior doesn't register well to me either, and bama being bama doesn't mitigate your actions. If you're holding out for bamalucky to apologize before you explain how you established your peace, we'll be waiting for a long time.

E-mailing you first would've been the proper thing to do, but you'd already rolled up your welcome mat. You have now claimed that you wouldn't have told me anyway because bama hasn't apologized yet.

bamalucky said...

I apologize to Jeff & Heather because they were unfortunate enough to be at this stage in life & yet to grow a pair of balls.I'll give heater a pass on the "balls" part.You are coming across as the biggest wishy washy people i have ever seen.Pick a side already.Prosper has a history of sneaky lies,of which you let out a huge litty dirty Jessica/Shira secret yourself.Ask yourself this"Will prosper stoop to any level"?

Anonymous said...

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