Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cloning Prosper

This guy just doesn't seem to get the hint that Prosper isn't quite a slap-dash operation (web infrastructure wise). He's been posting on various rent-a-coder sites, trying to find someone who'll throw together a clone of the Prosper website. It's been amusing to watch. This latest posting continues the trend...

Need a price to clone I would like you to actually sign up and look at the features so you can understand project. I am also looking to start immediate so please be prompt on bids. If there will be major increases for graphics or anything else not relating to coding pleaes provide seperate price for each. Also important is the ability to communicate in English, it doesn't matter to me where you are from, as long as you can do a quality job, in a timely manner and communicate with me in English. Again list prices seperate in descrition part of yrou bid along with time to start and complete. I have more so i need to keep it moving.

I wonder how much the one bid was for.

Update: Prosper Lending Review had posted on one of the previous attempts to find a sucker programmer to build it.

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Tom said...

It is pretty crazy. I've found at least five of these projects on various outsourcing websites over the past few months. This is my most recent review of those projects -

Scriptlance project - Prosper or Zopa clone