Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out, Prosper Days, Linkfest!

I promise you, the title is much cooler when the Blues Brothers sing it. And on that note, we're into more Prosper Days Linkfest-o-rama-mania. I guess after all this is over I'll have to go back to actually writing about something instead of linking to others. Drat.

Prosper Lending Review

ZCommodore distilled Gogmagogs live-chat (reg required) from Doug Fuller's collections report.

Rateladder: Prosper Days 2008

Wiseclerk: Reports on Prosper Days 2008

Lazy Man & Money: Prosper Days (Day 2 Overview)

Peer To Peer Lending With Prosper
j9353's Prosper Experience: Prosper Days 2008 is over now

Microfinance Travels: Prosper Days

Elaine Vigneault: Initial Thoughts - Prosper Days

SF Business Times: Prosper CEO sees company benefiting from credit crunch

NetBanker: Prosper Helps Borrowers Tap the Value of Their "Social Capital"

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