Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prosper Update Right Before Prosper Days

What are the odds of an update to the Prosper website right before Prosper Days?

Maintenance notice: The Prosper site will be taken offline for maintenance at 8:00 PM Pacific, February 21, 2008 and should be back online by 1:00 AM.

I'm sure they're just screwing with us. There's no big updates coming. After all, you have to reboot windows machines every once in a while and they didn't want the website BSODing during Prosper Days demos.

But, just in case Prosper decided to rollout a few cool features for Prosper Days, here's my big feature wishlist:
  • Secondary Loan Market: Now lenders can participate in even more auctions. Not only will it increase the liquidity for lenders who feel the need to cash out their loans, but it may end all the complaining about how folks are stuck with their loans for 3 whole years. It will make it even harder to calculate Prosper's income.
  • Nation-wide Lending @ 36%: Will Prosper follow Lending Club's lead in partnering with a national bank to underwrite loans beyond the state legal limits? They could go one step further and get a national bank charter. There's nothing that makes me more giddy than the possibility of lending money to folks living in Las Vegas, NV. Beyond that joy, it will greatly expand the borrower pool and increase the changes of Prosper being profitable some day.
  • AJAX: Prosper will AJAX-ify their website, bringing eye candy to the otherwise drab world of banking. Think of it as an upgrade to Web-2.5. The buzzwords will fly.
  • Search API: I'm hoping for an upgrade to Prosper's developer API to let me run performance search queries on their performance engine without all that pesky web browser getting in the way.


Tom said...

Are you attending?

Tom said...

Well, they did run a bunch of updates last night. They did make an update to the API - they allow bidding from the API. Other than that it looks like you're out of luck on your other requests so far.

Mike said...

I can't make it (stupid day job)