Thursday, March 13, 2008

Final Prosper Days Roundup

In the final roundup of Prosper Days commentary (previous ones), LoanChimp did a 7 part recap of his Prosper Days experience. LC was notable for being the most experienced lender on the high-ROI panel, and spread his chimpy-wisdom to all who would listen. Go bananas.

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LC said...

Hi! and thanks for all the links!

But I'm not done yet... I'm just really slow at getting all the topics I want to cover out of my mushed chimp-sized brain.

Fortunately, I think there will only be about 3 more parts hopefully out within the next week. (there actually was even more planned but it's becoming old news already and I'm starting to forget what even happened :( ) (We spent more time at the hotel's Barley and Hops bar than at the conference itself, which explains the lack of memory)

Again, thanks for the links!