Friday, October 5, 2007

Upcoming Prosper Features Hinted In Yahoo Article

A recent Yahoo article on online financial services may have accidentally provided hints on some upcoming Prosper features:

Prosper mined its own data to give lenders a better view of their risk. A new feature tells borrowers the historical risk of default on a specific kind of loan, such as loans to recent college grads. In addition, a new tool allows lenders to construct a portfolio of Prosper loans with a predictable rate of return and a specific risk level. Users can create and publish their own portfolio plans, which other lenders can grab and personalize. "We're expanding the power of community and collective wisdom to get great lending decisions," says Chris Larsen, Prosper CEO and cofounder.

I'm sure it's entirely coincidental, but there's some scheduled Prosper downtime coming up this weekend for "upgrades". Wow, what are the odds of a press article talking about new features around the same time an upgrade is happening?

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