Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big Prosper Upgrade Goes Live

Prosper's downtime last night brought several upgrades. This includes the unspeakable upgrades like portfolios and estimated default rates. I'll walk through the upgrades later in more detail, but for the moment, here's the highlights:

  • Estimated default rate is shown and a ROI calculator estimates the return for a given interest rate.
  • Bidding portfolios are now active
  • Tweaks with the standing order system (I'm ambivalent)
  • Borrowers can have second loans as long as their total balance is below $25k
  • Max interest rate is now 36%, state restrictions allowing
  • AA servicing fees are now 0%, A servicing fees are 1%
  • Expired listings can only be viewed if you bid on them (as lenders).
  • Collection agency information is broken out by credit grade
  • The API has a way to access extended credit information
And finally, some eye candy:

Update: Comments from other bloggers. It'll be updated as I see them.

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