Monday, October 15, 2007

Prosper Got Adding Bank Accounts Right

I have to admit that it's a whole lot easier to write about things that Prosper isn't doing right. I did have one of those, "Wow, it just worked" moments last week, though. I wanted to add a new bank account for transferring around funds since we'd recently changed our primary bank (yes, you can infer that I'm still transferring money into Prosper). They were quick and I found the quick most surprising.

If you're not familiar with the procedure, you print a page from the Prosper, attach a voided check, and fax it in to them. The interesting thing is that their fax page has a 2-d barcode on it that appears to contain enough information to automate things. As to quick, I had an e-mail confirming the fax receipt before I could get back to the computer from sending the fax. Within the hour, my new checking account was active for transfers.

Color me impressed.

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