Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Prosper Poofs Potentially Powerful Features From Forum

I have a love / hate view of the forums. For every insightful Q & A with Doug Fuller there's an equally frustrating flame war over personally identifiable information.

In the latest forum power struggle between the members and Prosper, Prosper has poofed their description of some upcoming features.

Because the post about our announcements at Finovate included some features that won't be released until possibly far in the future, I was asked to remove them. Sorry about that. More to come as the features are released.

Best regards,

Several forum members quickly pulled the posts and images from Google cache. Between the cached pages, several blogs, and new posts on forums, all the information is in tact. I'm not exactly sure what Prosper hoped to accomplish other than testing the Streisand effect, but none of the possibilities I've come to leave a favorable impression.

And if you're looking to recreate the information, here's where to start:

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