Friday, April 18, 2008

Prosper Days 2008 Videos Up On Google

Prosper has released video footage from Prosper days to Google Video. I havn't had a chance to go through it all yet, so that'll be coming, but why should that stop you? Based on all the reports out of Prosper Days, I suggest that lenders should scroll down to collections practices, start there, and then go back and experience it all.


Prosper 101
(ran in parallel with registration)

Chris Larson's Keynote (9 AM)

Blogger Panel is MIA at the moment (10:45 AM)

High ROI Lenders is MIA at the moment (1:30 PM)

Borrower Experiences (1:30 PM)

Leveraging Social Capital (3 PM)

Managing Large Portfolios (3 PM)

Earning A Risk Adjusted Return (4 PM)

Advanced API Applications (4 PM)


Stephen Dubner's Keynote is MIA not allowed to be distributed (silly contracts) (9 AM)

Collection Practices (10:30 AM)

Prosper API Workshop (10:30 AM)

Town Hall Lunch (12:00 PM)

Update: I added links to the Google video pages. Pass it around.

Update 2: It looks like Prosper uploaded the 2007 Prosper Days onto Google Video as well. Clicky-clicky to get them.

Update 3: Blogger panel is now active

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