Monday, March 12, 2007

Determining Funded Listings

To get a reasonable loan to listing link-up, I had thought it'd simplify things to remove all the unfunded listings from the XML data to get down to the essentials. The two primary metrics I focused on were in the PercentFunded and AmountRemaining tags. I had assumed that if the PercentFunded was 1.0 or the AmountRemaining was 0.0, the listing had been funded. A few oddities popped up:

  • One loan (38580) reports 99.990% funded, but 0.0 remaining. Which is right?
  • One loan (59) reports the amount remaining at -98.00. It's been removed from the website, but is still in the XML data.
  • In this dataset, there are 8386 loans listed and only 7950 listings that meet my criteria for funding.

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