Monday, March 12, 2007

Prosper Around The Web

A few web clippings from the last few days

Iinnovate has a podcast with Chris Larson, founder and CEO of

In this podcast, Chris chats with Julio and Min Li about Prosper's innovative vision, its unique challenges as an eBay platform for money (check out Prosper's cool tools for academics and researchers for performing case studies on its model), and the fine balance between the countervailing forces of transparency and privacy in the world of Web 2.0.

Catallarchy looks at default rates over time

Default rate is almost zero for the first 6 months, then rises in a roughly linear fashion, more linear for the higher credit grades (graph). This means that for portfolios with many loans younger than 6 months, projecting current lateness rate forward is erroneous.

My Money Blog has a Prosper review is a person-to-person lending service where you can lend out money to complete strangers. My first and only post about Prosper was back on February 13, 2006, when it was first released to the public. Since then, I haven’t written a peep about them. An online service that offers high interest rates for my cash? Why haven’t I written about them? The simplest answer is that I’ve been waiting for more information to review.

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