Saturday, March 3, 2007

Prosper Around The Web

I stumbled on a few bloggers writing about their Prosper thoughts.

The first is a follow-up post, So How Is Prosper Doing?, to earlier posts Why Will Fail and Why Will Succeed.

I have nothing against Prosper and feel a little bad that my negative take on it shows up so high on Google while my thoughts on the potential positives do not (although I linked to the positive post on the negative post).

So, 7 or so months later, I thought I'd look to see how Prosper is doing.

According to this NPR interview with Prosper CEO Chris Larsen, Prosper has over 140,000 members and has funded over $27 million in loans. My thoughts obviously haven't dampened others' enthusiasm.

The other, Lending on – Successes, Issues and Suggestions, is about an individual's success making loans with Prosper.

It's now been almost a quarter since I began using Overall the Prosper experience has been lucrative. My portfolio currently has a risk-adjusted return of over 10%. That certainly beats what you can get currently with both money market accounts and CDs both of which currently will return you around 5%

First let me say that I now have over a hundred active loans. Most performances been good to give you a flavor of what I've experienced so far I've had four loans go late. Two of these loans have already been remedied and brought back to being current. The other loans are currently less than 15 days late. We'll have to wait and see how those go.

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