Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Linkfest Junket

I've been having a linkfest every Friday. Why stop now?
And on we go...

TechDumpster has a rundown on the (hypothetical) Zopa versus Prosper match-up:

Although Zopa is the only service of its kind in the United Kingdom,
when they do finally make it to the United States, they are going to
have to go head to head with Prosper. Here’s a quick breakdown of
the main differences between Zopa and Prosper

Stephen Oaks Of Juita Group interviews Prosper CEO Chris Larson with a Q&A session:

Following the conversation, I thought a bit about my first impression of Chris. I can tell you first hand, the guy is a straight shooter who knows the lending business inside and out. What separates his company from the typical establishment is his love for the individual and community.

“Peer-to-peer borrowing/lending is the purest form of capitalism,” said Larsen.

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