Thursday, April 5, 2007

Fixing Those States

For some reason, some of the Listings in the Prosper XML export have odd state codes. I've traced down three of these. AA and AP are synonyms for LA (Lousiana), and AE appears to be NY (New York) in disguise. I have no clue how this one came about.

Update: RateLadder has pointed out that these are US Military Base codes. A little Googling found these definitions:

  • AE: Armed Forces Africa
  • AA: Armed Forces Americas
  • AE: Armed Forces Canada
  • AE: Armed Forces Europe
  • AE: Armed Forces Middle East
  • AP: Armed Forces Pacific


RateLadder said...

I think those are actually military base state codes.

Mike said...

Good observation. Some quick Googling from there revealed all.