Monday, April 2, 2007

ProPosper Now Free

I saw over on the Prosper developer forums that ProProsper is now free to subscribers. The most valuable item I've seen so far is the data export with listing keys added to the loans. Let the really interesting data analysis begin!


RateLadder said...

Thanks for the mention... Is there anything you think could be added to ProProsper to make it more valuable?

Mike said...

rateladder -

I think the lenders get a very poor characterization of a loan's relative risk. I think this, in part, comes from Prosper's limited information connection between the loan and the listing. I'm not yet sure how to tackle it, but now that ProProsper's sharing the goods, it's time for some statistical analysis. Lemmie chew on the data, and then I'll have some opinions.