Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Prosper Around The Web

A few goodies from around the web

RateLadder discusses the Prosper site revamp

Another positive is that the site seems WAY WAY faster. They have removed a lot of images and replaced with simple text. I think the new look is cleaner as well, but that is subjective.

EBay entering the micro-loan market?
It appears that Prosper and Zopa are going to be having some competition in the micro financing world. Ebay has purchased a company called MicroPlace

And some self-help: Six Secrets of obtaining Prosper loan funding
A week or two ago I introduced a new concept in the finance world: online peer-to-peer lending through Prosper.com. I have spent some time analyzing what makes loans work on Prosper and come up with the following “Six Secrets” of obtaining funding quickly and at the lowest possible rate.

Updated: Prosper also bought back some loans because of possible identity fraud
Prosper also repurchased 9 defaulted loans, repaying the lenders their bids on those loans. Some lenders believed these 9 loans were part of an identity theft scheme because of suspicious similarities among the listings.


Anonymous said...

Prosper also repurchased 9 loans yesterday, probably because of identity theft:

Prosper upgrades site, repurchases 9 loans lost to identity theft

Mike said...

Thanks for the note