Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chatty "Prosper" User On Forums

I have no definitive proof, but it seems that the Prosper forums have loosened up some from the initial crackdown. Links to non-Prosper websites (that's right, those tubes aren't just a fad) are being allowed and it's not all goodness and light. Although I suspect that all posts are still being checked before they go live, there doesn't seem to be the same level of filtering as before. More curiously, the official "Prosper" answer person seems quite chatty (the writing and level of platform technical understanding makes me think Prosper Andrew is taking his turn as Q&A guy, unless it's someone new), and has dropped several hints on even better statistics reporting features.

A per-users ROI calculation
LoanChimp asked about improved income reporting

When will this show a Year-to-Date figure?

2008 is coming up soon, which will be my 3rd year here. While the nice and big (actually not too big) number is nice to see, a YTD figure would be much more meaningful.

(or perhaps even show both YTD and a cumulative figure)

"Prosper" replied:

Hi LoanChimp,

We are working on creating a meaningful ROI tool for individual lenders. It may still be a while yet, but thank you for the feedback, and we understand the desire to have this type of measurement on your account.

Best regards,


Improved Loan Statistics Filtering
Again, LoanChimp asking questions:

Performance page does not allow to filter by the number of loans (i.e. 2nd loans).

"Prosper" replies:

Technically, this isn't a bug (it's working as designed), but for technical performance reasons we've prevented the marketplace performance page from filtering on some of the credit criteria (like 2nd loans) that are available in advanced search. We will be adding those (and other filters) over the following months as we beef up the code behind the performance page.

Best regards,


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