Thursday, December 20, 2007

Unannounced Feature In Prosper's Latest Upgrade

In addition to the previously announced features in Prosper's Tuesday night upgrade-a-thon, I think a few marketing tricks came along for the ride. After placing a bid this morning, I got a subtle reminder of their referral program.

While I'll have to admit that this could've been added in an earlier upgrade, I don't remember it. It looks like Prosper's pushing pretty hard to pick up new lenders by referrals. How long will they be able to resist ads?


LAVA said...

I recently became a lender on Prosper.....but I only put in $50 because I am a bit squeamish about it. I will see how that goes and I plan on adding a little bit more at the end of the month.

My first payment from the borrower is due in about 3 weeks so we will see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I agree, they might have to start advertising, especially since the loan totals were down recently.