Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Name The Date Competition Continues

The "When Will Ads Appear Competition" is running and I'm still taking guesses.

I think it's likely that Prosper will place ads for some well meaning financial institution along with the Low Estimated Return warning (probably for CDs or high interest savings accounts). The reader whose guess is closest to the date the ads go live will get a copy of Banker To The Poor: Micro-lending and the Battle Against World Poverty.

So, here are the rules (for you legal-types).

  • The competition will run until Dec 1, 2008. That sound be enough time.
  • Guesses must be submitted by Dec 1, 2007.
  • You can e-mail your guess to although I encourage you to also post your guess for bragging rights. Be sure to include a name you want used for the world to see.
  • The winner will be announced upon first confirmation of ads. This will be based on my sighting, or a confirmed and verified screenshot on another blog or the Prosper forums.
  • The winner will have 1 week to claim their prize and then the winner will revert to the next closest guess. This will proceed until the prize is actually claimed. To claim your prize, I'll need a mailing address.
  • I'm the arbiter of disputes, Grand Poobah, and benevolent dictator of this small corner of the internet as far as terms for the competition go.
Happy guessing!


Tom said...

Did anyone guess yet? I say 1 April. :)

Mike said...

I've got a few guesses (though not as many as I'd like, so you're in :) said...

No info on the date, but if I had to guess, I'd bet Feb. 23-26th 2008. However, if you're taking action on who the comparison ad will be, put me down for ING Direct, because a little birdie sang at Finovate '07...