Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Prosper Search Results Lagging Beyond Listing's Status

I've noticed that when I search for listings to bid on, the listing's status seem to differ between the search results listing and the individual listing view. One of my many individual searches turned up this listing:

C grade, low amount (<$10k). 97% funded at 18%. Ok, I'm mildly interested. I click on the listing however and discover this:

Woah now. It's fully funded, at 16%, and has been for 3 or 4 days. These screenshots were taken yesterday afternoon. Today, it's down to 14%, but the search results listing still shows it at 18% interest, 97% funded as of about 9 AM. This isn't the only listing that I've had it happen on either.

I suspect that this is a side effect of the last big upgrade. It would be nice if it was corrected, however.

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Andrew said...

Hi Mike - we actually pushed a fix for this a few minutes ago. It had nothing to do with the latest upgrade, just some overloaded servers whose cache was out of date. Should be working now.