Friday, November 30, 2007

Technology Behind Prosper's New Forums

112233 over on forums has noticed that the new Prosper forums are using Community Server 2007 as the technology base for the forums. I suspect that the moderation features were part of the considerations.

Moderation Capabilities

Feature Description
Moderated Discussions All forum discussions support full moderation workflow. Forums can be individually configured for moderation or no moderation and, individual users can be configured for moderation or no moderation (a member with no moderation requirement in a moderated forum does not have his/her posts approved before they are published live).
Moderation tools Moderators are given a number of tools from approval: deleting, editing, splitting topics into multiple discussions, joining multiple discussions into a single topic, and more.
Delegated Moderation Moderation rights can be granted on a forum-by-forum basis so rights for moderation can be delegated to sets of community members.
Auditing All moderation actions are stored with a moderation audit trail that allows community managers to review moderation actions.

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