Saturday, December 15, 2007

We Linkfest, You Decide

That's right. Fair and balanced linking. After editorial review. And my personal slant. And the bribes (I'm fair and balanced in my bribe taking, though).

zommodore ponders Prosper's growth (round 1 and round 2 - round 2 shown):

As you can see from the various graphs available on these 3rd party websites, Prosper is growing. My concern is that Prosper is not growing fast enough to satisfy the sources of the venture capital Prosper is using to conduct business and their funds will dry up such that Prosper has to cease operations.

RateLadder turns on the statistics machine:

Lazy Man Debates With Free Money Finance:

Now that I’ve firmly established the bias I have for Prosper and peer-to-peer lending in general, I’d like to highlight the other side of the story. Free Money Finance decides that investing in Prosper isn’t for him. Here are the reasons he’s highlighted: ...

I’ve read these reasons before and on the surface they make a very convincing argument. However, when dig under the surface some of these are not 100% true for all Prosper loans.

Dallas Morning News - Person-to-person lending is networking its way up

Congress' heavy scrutiny of the credit card industry last week is indicative of how heavily in debt many consumers are and how they're struggling to pay it off.

A growing source of funds for consumers to pay off credit card debt is so-called person-to-person, or peer-to-peer, lending - Lend Your Money, Turn a Profit

Your bank profits off money sitting in your savings account by lending it out at a higher rate than it returns to you. So why not eliminate the middleman and lend your money to others yourself?

That's the proposition offered by financial Web sites ranging from and to, which launched its U.S. site last week.

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