Thursday, August 30, 2007

Concensus Ratings

LendingStats' has started rating listings based on who's bid on them.

A few people have inquired about how the “Consensus Rating” is being generated on the Listing Picker page under Lending Strategies. The idea behind the Listing Picker is to identify listings bid on by lenders who have good estimated ROIs. The more lenders with good ROIs the higher the consensus rating becomes.

The formula that generates consensus ratings is as follows: Look for all lenders with an average portfolio age of greater then 4 months on a listing. If there are more then 3 such lenders then get the average estimated ROI of these lenders. Only listings that have an average estimated ROI of > 5% will be shown on the Listing Picker page.

This is an interesting analytical addition to Lending Stats' technology. I'll be watching this closely.

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