Monday, August 27, 2007

Prosper Pitching to E-Bay Sellers

I was ready to call it a week and then I saw a post over at Money Smart Life that had a juicy tid-bid. Prosper hosted a workshops through E-Bay targeted toward small business financing. All the people selling random stuff on E-Bay, and Prosper's lenders are underwriting it

Need a small business loan and not sure where to get it? Or, are you certain a loan is what you need? In this informative workshop, Prosper Marketing Director, and former eBay PowerSeller Program Manager, Shira Levine will demonstrate how financing can help your business. We’ll cover the five basic questions every business should ask themselves before you finance, how to know where you stand financially, and the importance of cash reserves in your company. Then we’ll cover financing basics: debt vs. equity, credit scores and reports, and common pitfalls to avoid. The workshop will end with how to create an excellent loan listing on Prosper that will get your business funded. We’ll also look at how eBay PowerSellers are using Prosper both to borrow for business and to make money using Prosper’s referral program.

I'll hand it to Prosper for a few different things. They're targeting a entrepreneurial group that's perfect for their loan sizes (typically $5k - $25k), and they've got an ex-E-Bay staffer, Shira Levine, driving the effort. I'm amused by the comment in the forum dancing around the lowest allowable FICA score, but bring on the borrowers!


dong said...

Maybe propser and ebay will team up to offer installment purchases....

Mike said...

E-bay Layaway?